I'm an Austin-based artist currently living in the small town of Florence, Texas.

Much of my work contains elements of a long-time interest in ancient rock art and mazes. One of the central characters in an ongoing series I've been creating is bird-like and similar in shape to the extinct passenger pigeon. Other bird and animal-like characters are inspired by pictographs and petroglyphs, particularly those found in the Southwestern U.S.

I'm interested in ideas about extinction and the ephemeral, the relationship between humans and the natural world, and am intrigued by the creation of myths and legends such as Geronimo or Billy the Kid.

I enjoy exploring with color and texture, stretching my creative boundaries, coming up with new ideas, and surprising myself and others. Every now and then I take on painting commissions such as portraits or murals, but most of the time I paint for exhibitions.    



+1 512 696 2183